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CubeOne for SAP

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CubeOne for SAP

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CubeOneTM for SAP

CubeOneTM for SAP overview

CubeOneTM for SAP supports SAP R/3 upgrade (guaranteeing integrity) without restrictions. As the actions needed for encryption configuration and application are automated (e.g., no need to modify the SAP standard, providing the function that can modify CB sources automatically, etc.), users can operate SAP conveniently and safely without confusion caused by encryption works. In addition, CubeOneTM logs/monitors the entire encryption process and changes due to encryption, and automates reactivation of changes when upgrading SAP. Therefore, users can save significantly on the cost when upgrading the product or apply additional encryption, because users can perform the job using the GUI, or with minimal consulting services.

Features and strengths of CubeOneTM for SAP

Guaranteeing SAP upgrade when applying encryption

  • Function :Normal encryption service during daemon failure, using CubeOne's proprietary daemon-less structure; easy to monitor the situation and set new encryption for the encrypted domain
  • Benefit :Securing SAP operation availability

Ensure operational stability

  • Function :CubeOneTM unique structure of Daemon-Less Service in the event of failure of the daemon to encrypt the normal encryption services, set up encryptionDomain, and the new encryption settings for easy status monitoring
  • Benefit :SAP operational stability

Ensuring security

  • Function :Safe encryption/decryption algorithm certified by the National Intelligence Service; securing right control levels and safe encryption/decryption key management system
  • Benefit :Satisfying the requirements of related laws and regulations

TCO saving

  • Function :Automatic reflection (setting method) of the domain to encrypt and automatic encryption/decryption function generation for the domain to encrypt; cost saving during initial application with automated encryption application, such as automatic generation of the initial migration program
  • Benefit :Cost saving by reducing the time to implement the project

CubeOneTM for SAP Configuration

Simple structure with much faster performance than other APIs

CubeOneTM for SAP management screen

Certification status of CubeOneTM for SAP

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